A Newsletter of the Reformed Druids of North America


Fall Equinox Y.R. 39
(Sept. 19th, 2001)

Volume 17, Number 6


(Introduction Reprinted from A Druid Missal-Any Fall Equinox, 1984.)

Equinox approaches the time sacred to Cernunnos, the Hunter God. "Now is come September, the Hunter's Moon begun."1 as Holly sings it, and now is the time of Cernunnos, the god of the hunt, the immortal shaman invoking and controlling the quarry. In Gaul, an altar was dedicated to him below what is now Paris. He is one of the prototypes of that inexhaustible figure, The Horned Man.

As Master of the Animals, he embodies their spirits and can parley with them, bringing game to the hunter, or protecting and sustaining cattle and flocks. As the Woods-god, he directs primary energy, the life forces, creative, magical, and procreative of animals and wilderness. As the Shaman-god his function is to be a connecting link between the human and non-human worlds, and to balance the two with their opposing tensions. From these two roles flow his later attributes, God of Wealth, magician, juggler, and Lord of the Dance.

He is appealed to to communicate to the spirit of the animals to let one of their number be taken for food, to make the cattle flourish, and to increase the herds. Most pagan cultures believe that it is not prudent or even possible to catch game or raise an animal for slaughter without its permission on the spiritual level. This is always a bargain, requiring the prey's cooperation. Ritual and honor must be paid to prey species, or to the Master of Cattle, in return.

Though Margaret Murray was ridiculed for suggesting it in the '30s, it has since become clear that we are dealing with a Paleolithic cult in the Horned God, yet on that has continued down to the present day. This shows a strong, basic archetypal appeal. Like all good archetypes, he has multiple and voluminous levels of meaning

In Celtic mythology, he forms a triad with Eusus and Sylvanus. As with other Celtic triple divinities, these may be different facets of the same being. He is close on the left side to Eusus, god of the underworld and riches, and on the right to Sylvanus, Wood spirit, god of vegetation, the Green Man. The links with wealth and death on one hand and magic and fecundity on the other go all the way back to Cernunnos' stone age roots. Around the pictures of horned men on cave walls are other pictures, most of them of animals. All were animals which were important in the hunt, but which were dangerous to hunt. These animals, deer, bison, bulls, wolves, horses are ones that have to be reckoned with, and this was done magically. As the Finn-Ugric and Siberian hunters, heirs to Paleolithic Europe, explained it in the 19th century, there are three things the hunter wants to insure: that he kill the quarry and that it not kill him. That is that his spirit, mana or tapa, overcome the animal's spirit. And thirdly, he wants to insure that his hunting not cause the prey species to flee or to become depleted. He wishes to propitiate the spirits of the animals for the loss of some of their number, and to insure the fertility of the herd and secure its increase.

Among many Northern European peoples it was important to assure the animal killed of a way to be reborn, to come back and continue its life. Its bones were collected and treated with special funeral rites and magic to aid this return. Ideas presaging the concept of reincarnation are common to Eurasian hunter cultures and south to the Caucus and the Indo-European homelands. Here, then are the Cernunnos' triad's attributes:






with magic as the connecting link or directing force which humans and gods assert, influencing the course of events for their benefits.

Cernunnos is the Gaulish deity whom Caesar equated with Roman Mars. This was more than chance resemblance. There is some evidence of for their common I.E. roots. Mars was not always a god of war. Originally he was a god of vegetation. Cato and Varro concur on this, telling us that it was to Mars that the farmers prayed for good crops and prosperity, and for protection of their cattle. He had an old title, from pre-Republican days, of Mars Silvanus, Mars of the Woods. The elements of War and martial spirit were later connected with him when Rome began its expansions and conquest. There is a myth recorded in Plutarch's "Parallela," in which Mars takes on a mortal woman as his lover. Her name is Silvia; she bears him a son whose soul is contained in a spear.




Venus' Lover

Mars Silvanus

God of the Wood
Protector of Cattle


At the other end of the Indo-European spectrum, in Vedic India, is the figure of Rudra, who may be cognate with Mars. He is the patron of the Kesin, long haired, woods-dwelling ascetics. And there is reason to think that Sylvanias, Silvanus, and Shiva are the same. The latter two share similar myths of travels in the Underworld. If we accept the Irish Wildman-of-the-Woods, Mad Suibhni (Swee' nee) as a late Christian euhemerization of Sylvanias/Cernunnos, then the Celtic Horned-god(s) made similar journeys to the Underworld, under or inside Magic Mountains. All these tales include a visit to a female figure who lives inside the Mountain and who is the source of wealth or knowledge. In Siberia she is the Reindeer Mother. Among the early Greeks she is the Bear Mother. On Shiva's journey, she is Devi, Madam Bramha, conqueror of the Bull-Demon, bulls, cattle, and herds.

In the Caucus she is Mother of the Dead, who suckles the soul of the newly dead, as the Reindeer Mother suckles each would-be shaman who finds his way through the labyrinth to her cave. There is nothing like her in African, Chinese, or Australian myths, no source figure who is a Lady-inside-a-Mountain. She is an Eurasian figure, probably of Paleolithic origin. In her we may be seeing who "Venus of Willendorf" was.2 Similar Magdalenian and Gravettian female figurines have been found far down in caves and caverns under mountains in France and Switzerland. These caves are often difficult and dangerous to climb down into, yet the walls are elaborately painted with figures of animals and outlined handprints of humans, or whole rooms painted red with ochre. Footprints in the hardened clay show that dances and ceremonies were held here around her figurines, or around clay models of gravid or copulating bison. Here someone painted on the wall the famous "dancing sorcerer" of the Arieges, the proto-type of the Horned Man.

Cernunnos, King of the Wood, Lord of the Animals, he can be appealed to for difficulties with pets or with wild animals. His color is brown, burn aromatic woods or pine pitch or incense. Brown is a very special color; it is not found in the spectrum. It is a mixture of red and green with yellow for warm brown, or blue for cool brown mixed in, in lesser quantities. But there is no brown light. The sensation, brown, is created within the human visual system. This is fitting for Cernunnos, the mind-traveler, the shaman. Francis of Assisi, preaching to the birds, living in the forest, and specifying humble brown robes of local material for his Order, was in the old I.E. tradition of the Holy-Man-in-the-Woods. These old currents of thought change direction and name, but do not die out as quickly and as easily as textbook history would portray.

Cernunnos can best be experienced out-of-doors in the woods or wild places. After 2:00 a.m., and the last lights are out and radios off, even fairly tame bits of the out-of-doors, backyards, and gardens return essentially to Nature. Smells and sounds change. Try sitting like Cernunnos in his Gunderstrup pose in this setting. If you cannot find a horned serpent, use some other symbol of the Mountain Mother,2 and a torc, sign of the warrior and of his bond to his patron deity.

--Emmon Bodfish

1Holly Tannen, "Invocation." Kicking Mule Records, KM 236.
2James Duran, "The Horned God of Europe" Spring Seminar, 1984.





News of the Groves

For the Full Grove Directory click here.



Carleton Grove: News from Minnesota

At the final tea of the last term the Carleton Druids discussed what they would like to do with the Druids at their weekly teas for the coming Fall term. Some of the ideas considered were:

Crafts: beading, mask making, dream catchers, folk dancing, Druid games (we at the Missal-Any are curious as to what those are), tea on the (climbing) wall. Group discussions.

General activities for the Fall Term 2001: Full Moons services and/or social gatherings, more processions and midnight dancing; two sweat lodges per term; watch Druid movies including (but not limited to: Princess Mononoke (it's about nature), Bravehart, Medicine Man, Excalibur, 13th Warrior, The Lorax, and Sword in the Stone, roast marshmallows in the winter by a fire, climb more trees.

We hope that reading what the Carleton Druids have planned provides inspiration for other Groves. There are times when it is not possible to hold services out-of-doors. At these times, such as when the weather is too inclement, there is nothing like a good "hairpull" over a cup of hot tea. Even if you only have two Druids present you will still get three opinions on any given subject.



Akita Grove: News from Northern Japan

Pat: We finished our two-week trip to Shirakami World Preservation Park,filled with austerities and rituals for the Lughnasadh holiday, concluding with a rather great feast. Nozomi over did it a little in the waterfall-meditations, we were afraid she might have gone a little hypothermic, but she recovered well after a night's rest. Even in the summer, waterfalls are not warm. Be careful with asceticism in the wilderness.

Nozomi: In Japan, there is a very ancient custom of seeking purification by standing under waterfalls. When the first God and Goddess of Japan gave birth to the sun, the Goddess died and went to underworld. The God tried to recover her, but she was revolting and he fled and closed the door to theland of the dead; then he showered. During his shower, a hundred gods were born off his body. Asceticism used to be very popular among the upperclasses and clergy in medieval Japan. Nowadays, we usually wear a white robe, but for a long time it was no clothes. Hands are held together and magic formulas are said as long as the body can stand it. Great power is gotten with shugyo. The human body is 95% salt water, so Japanese feel love to the ocean, naturally! There is an Ocean-grandmother and an Earth-mother for me. Please try it, too!

Pat: We plan to have a special Equinox celebration. On Saturday September 22nd, we will start with a dawn service. The entire 12 hours of daylight will be spent outside in quiet activities, naps, and meditation, then at sunset another service, then for the 12 hours of the night we'll be asraucous as we can with much drinking and carousing and feasting. Then another dawn service and we'll go home and sleep through Sunday for at least a mandatory 12-14 hours. I wrote a Shower Shugyo liturgical piece on an inspiration from hanging upside-down off a cliff for 20 minutes; it can be performed by all orders. It'll appear in a section down below the News from the Groves.




Ice Floe Grove: News from Antarctica

What do you expect? It's cold, freezing, and arctic (or should I say Antarctic?). Anyway, it's dark a lot and depressing, but the stars are wonderful when the weather is clear. I don't need to do shugyo, because life down here IS shugyo, at least the cold part, bathing outside would be a foolish exercise, to say the least. Our ascetic routine would bore you, butI look forward to leaving next spring.


Monument Grove: News from DC

Well, you all know what's happening here. All in the Grove are safe and sound, but Angeline and John are leaving D.C., permanently, so the Grove is down to an irregular three. I'll be moving next month to the South East from the North West to the Capitol Hill area and starting a Druid garden (too small for a "Grove,", I suppose) and opening an international guest house, perhaps.

I have followed Nozomi's advice from Akita Grove, and I'm undergoing "Shower Shugyo" three times a week at my apartment, and I find that it wonderfully concentrates the mind in the morning. Everyday I walk to the Embassy through the forested Rock Creek National Park (20min) in walking meditation. I composed Dalon's Daily Ditty, (see a later section of this newsletter) after being inspired by gospel-themed rhythms while walking to work. Some Neo-pagan music is terribly dull, and I'd thought I'd take a page out of the book of gospel music. Music notation will accompany the Internet version.

I've ordained a new member, Alyx Griffin (DC2001:Scharding) to the Third Order on September 1st, using "Taranis Touch" (i.e. a cell phone) to reach her in their forests of Colorado, after sending her pre-blessed materials and consulting with her before hand for several weeks in her preparation. It's the third time I've performed such a long-distance ordination (out of the 17 or so people I've done, so far), and usually I eventually meet them again to add an additional "hands-on" scalp blessing. The results have usually been positive, but nothing beats in-person transmission and all-night campouts in the wilderness for me.




Circle Grove: News from NY

My family and I are getting a lot out of the Circle here. My baby nieces love climbing on the big stones and my ten-year-old nephew started building a line of small stones through the woods nearby just recently (I'm not entirely sure why). My parents are devout Christians so I'm happy that they are open-minded enough to enjoy something as odd as a stone circle and to let the rest of the family enjoy it as well.

Walk in peace,

Merri Weber


Volcano Grove: News from Tonga



Things have been unpleasant in Tonga. Morale is low in the Peace Corps. Myfriend with the burst spleen was medi-vaced this morning to Hawaii where they have an actual hospital. The one here in Tonga has clean water due to the presence of two cats (probably relatives from my Grove) living on the roof, leaving their leavings to wash into the rain tanks. Most of the others Peace Corps members have resigned from service.

I am on Tongatapu (the main island, only one with reliable email) until August 11th. Then if all works out I will fly back to Niuafo'ou Island for the remainder of my stay. Paradise is overrated. Where do Druids go when they die?

Having no community of thinkers around is a strain. No pagans, no naturalists, precious few musicians. The other volunteers are primarily interested in food and sex, with a few movies in between. Not my kind of fun. If all goes as planned I will escape on Beltain 2002. I plan to head back to New York, see the folks, and build a new harp. Then for the life of a wandering bard. I have many people to visit.




Swamp Grove: Florida

All are well down here, we are currently drying out the property from the rainy season, it should be dry in late September. Our county just had a schoolboard vote to keep the Christian coalition from putting up posters in the local schools. Many Pagans , Unitarians, Jews, and representatives from various other groups turned out to speak out against the attempt. Fortunately we all persuaded the school board to do the right thing and they voted to keep the signs out. Freedom of religion is alive and well in southwest Florida.


Druid Heart Spirit Grove: California

Greetings from Druid Heart Spirit! We have two more dedicants in our Grove now, and have been having a great time! Our campout for Lughnassa was a success. We might, later on get more property, another twenty or so acres for larger campouts and a Druid retreat center.

Druid Heart Spirit is growing well. I think that having the property for doing the campouts and stone circle is a great benefit for the Grove. My partner and I moved five more big stones from the creek down the road and added them to the stone circle. One of them which is ready to be stood in the west must have weighed a thousand pounds. We chained it to the back of my truck and dragged it to our house about one sixteenth of a mile, it left a semi-permanent pathway on the dirt road. Then we used a dolly to get it to the Grove location, that took three of us including my twelve year old son Jimmy. We are going to plant it and stand it up using a come-along to a great cedar tree nearby. I'm hoping to get all the stuff together for building a small water fountain in the Grove's area before Fall Equinox. We are also doing a campout for Samhain on Oct. 27th and 28th with workshops,potluck dinner, Bardic circle, and rituals.

Please e-mail me at: jbeltain@pacbell.net




Baccharis Grove: News from California

I am finding that as I get more involved along this Druidic path elements of synchronicity seem to happen more and more. Either that or I am definitely being watched out for by the deities. This time it appeared to be Enbar,steed of the gods.

For the past five High Days I have been going up to the Grove site to watch the sun rise over the caber set in the position along the horizon of that particular High day by our esteemed posthumous member Emmon. Since the sun is rising later and later in the day I thought it would be easier if I just spent the night at the cabin allowing me to not have to get up quite so early. And I was able to obtain the day off at short notice.

Driving around the bend to the Grove site on that early evening I noticed the temperature gauge going up in my car. As I parked the car it made a rumbling noise towards the center of the dashboard area. Antifreeze bubbled out along the right side. I figured I could either try to find a telephone and arrange to have the car towed or I could just leave it there until morning and limp it back home then, leaving me to enjoy the rest of theevening and watch the sun rise as planned. As there was no mechanic who was open at that time I opted for the latter. I would wait until after rush hour to return home to prevent my car from overheating in traffic.

After watching the sun rise over the Lughnasadh caber and hiking around the hillside and woods, listening to the waking birds and the barking of the adolescent gray fox who has made his home near the Grove site, watching thered tail hawk and turkey vultures hang in the sky seeming to accompany me in my walk I decided it was time to leave my adopted sylvan home and deal withmore mundane matters. Just as I was getting on to the freeway my car started to steam and the rest of the anti-freeze poured out. Had to have the car towed. Turned out to be the heater core. Had I not decided at the last minute to take the day off and drive that morning to the Grove I would have been very late for work. Imagine trying to explain that one to my boss! Despite a certain amount of personal consternation, I felt as if I were being watched out for that day. And to that I say thank you.




Amon Sul Grove (a.k.a Gandalf Grove)

Amon Sul Grove has attended two Pagan festivals since the last issue: Lammas at Oak Thorn Farm in Eastern Kentucky and Summerland in Yellow Springs,Ohio. Lammas was a fairly small gathering (30-40 as opposed to the nearly 300 at Beltane in May) but the lack of numbers was made up for by our enthusiasm. Summerland was sponsored by our brethren of the Sixth Night Grove, ADF and it, too, was a very nice outing. At both events there was drumming, dancing, partaking of the waters of life, and all of the other revelry of Pagan festivals. Gandalf also attended the first Lexington area Pagan Night Out which was held at Lynagh's Irish Pub. Seven people were in attendance and we hope to make it a monthly event.




Faerie Spell Grove: News from California Previously "Candle Grove"

Candle Proto-grove has changed its name to Faerie Spell Proto-grove as that is more the basis of what they are doing there.






Ancient Circle Grove, MOCC, NY

We have been very busy lately. We are currently seeking non-profit statusand are working on finding grant money to purchase a beautiful parcel ofland that is for sale and is in danger of being logged off.



NEW GROVE: Pinata Grove: News from Colorado

Sister Alyx Griffen (DC2001:Scharding) successfully completed her vigil on September 2nd and has entered the 3rd Order. She is starting a Grove in Colorado, as yet but tentatively named. This is her introduction:

To me, religion is like a pinata. On one hand, a faith or belief system that can't withstand some thumps or whacks is nothing but an empty shell; it may look pretty hanging from the ceiling, but in the end it's nothing more than a decoration. But more importantly, it's not the container that matters, but what's inside. Like the pinata, no matter what shape it is, how fancy it's made, or how elaborately it's decorated, religion is ultimately of no use to you unless you smash it open to get to the goodies inside. And whether the stick is need, hardship, or even humor, eventually you're swinging it blindly until, finally, you connect.




News from Others


News from Ross

Ross Wilke is in poor health, but has lots of Celtic fighting spirit. His cousin, a firefighter named Todd, is still missing in New York.

He recommended a site about Ogham, for you rock-scratchers out there.http://www.islandnet.com/~edonon

News from Corn Grove in Iowa(unestablished)

I just read an incredible book called The Jesus Mysteries, which if you have not read you must. It confirms a lot of things we Siblings in the Mother have always known but never had proof of...their thesis is that Jesus Christ never actually existed but was simply one of many Pagan dying and resurrecting god-men who were worshipped freely in ancient times. They also theorize that the Gnostics had Inner Mysteries, based in the Pagan Mysteries that conferred Gnosis upon the Initiate, that were lost when the Literalists took control of the movement and got bolstered and protected by Constantine when the Romans decided they needed an authoritarian, fear-based religion to control the public.

Won't say more so as not to spoil the ending for you. Every good Pagan should read this. REALLY powerful stuff. http://www.jcwitch.com/









Our Grand Children; ADF & KELTRIA


Keltria has a third Grove, Avalon Grove, in MO; and Keltria has reelected all of its three officers.

ADF's Study program, closed for along time, is open for business again; and is highly recommended by Mike Scharding, AD, Monument Grove, if you're feeling like testing your mettle and studying.

ADF is also moving its headquarters from Michigan to the Los Angeles area. What goes around comes around. All mail or parcels to ADF should be sent to:

c/o Raven's Cry Grove
859 N. Hollywood Way, Box 368
Burbank, CA 91505

The general ADF e-mail address remains adf-office@adf.org




Pagan Priests & Salaries: Shall the twain ever meet?


Isaac Bonewits (BK68:Larson), a Druid's Druid, has been plagued for his entire life by a surfeit of brilliant ideas and a scarcity of income. Loved or hated by all he meets, Isaac's dream has been elusive due to an absence of a rich patron or at least a stable, funded position as a pagan priest.Recently, he has had good cause to bemoan the financial status of Pagan priesthood in a recent article, far too long to be printed here. To read it in its entirety go to http://www.geocities.com/mikerdna/isaacrant.html

Mini-Biography: As we all know, Isaac was the first to graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Magic at the University of California at Berkeley, published his famous Real Magic thesis in the 1970s (recently republished in 1995), helped edit and publish A Reformed Druid's Anthology's 1977 predecessor The Druid Chronicles (Evolved), published Authentic Thaumaturgy for Jackson Games by applying "Real Magic" to role playing games. As a gleefully controversial Arch-Druid of the Berkeley Grove (NRDNA/SDNA) in the late 70s and early 80s, Isaac published "The Druid Chronicler Magazine" and "Pentalpha Journal," before finally schisming off the RDNA to form Ar nDraiocht Fein, the second largest Druid organization in America. The author of countless articles and acknowledged expert on Neo-Paganism, he is sadly now forced by medical troubles into a state of semi-retirement, doing speaking tours and such.




Sirona's Shower Shugyo Sacrament

By Patrick Haneke and Nozomi Kibou.
Of Akita Grove, Japan
August 2001


meditate in waterfall WARNING:
I recommend that you practice in your shower (which works fine, just less scenic and powerful) for a few weeks before trying the real thing to gauge your body's strength and reaction to cold. Each time, go a step colder. Be careful of hazards at natural waterfalls. Large ones can really club you with their force, logs and junk may flow over the edge and strike you, some falls have large, DEEP pools directly beneath them, strong undercurrents, have slippery DANGEROUS rocks nearby and are often located far from medical care. You should probably start off with a group or shuggy-buddy as I call them. An appropriate choice is Sirona, a Celtic God of rivers, quite popular throughout Europe it seems and Patron of the 7th order, if you know the particular god of that river or falls, it would be best to use that one of course.


  1. Eat a simple diet for a week before the shugyo (low spices, little meat, no salt, no alcohol, no sex).
  2. Either in light-weight, white cotton suit or sky-clad, go to a waterfall.
  3. Starting downstream on the approach is respectful, if starting up stream toss in coins with a prayer, the river will carry your message to the falls of your approach. It can be done solo, or as a group (see above), chanting out loud in unison.

    Start by purifying yourself and 5-10 minutes of mediation on your goal.

  4. Bow, Clap Twice, Bow, ask to enter the waterfall.
  5. If omens are good, step into the waterfall.
  6. Drench yourself thoroughly.
  7. Turn your back to the waterfall and have the main force of the water hit you between seventh vertebra of the neck and the shoulders.
  8. If you douse your head, it's hard to open your mouth to chant and it strains your neck.
  9. Clasp hands together, forming a mudra if you like.
  10. Chant your invocation. (like the one below)




One of the problems you'll realize is that breathing is difficult when cold, so it often comes out in staccatic syllables. Keep a rhythm. The verses are A chorus B chorus C chorus B chorus A in a "stepladder format" (i.e. ABCBABCBA is possible). Perhaps you'll come up with your own words and send me a copy?


Waters over.
Waters under.
Waters around.
Waters through me.

O si-ro-na!
o SI-ro-na!
o si RO na!
o si ro NA!

Waters cleanse me.
Waters love me.
Waters guide me.
Waters bless me.

O si-ro-na!
o SI-ro-na!
o si RO na!
o si ro NA!

Change in motion.
Down to ocean.
My salvation.







Fall Equinox Ritual 2001

Monument Grove of D.C.'s Patriotic Version

by Sine Ceolbhinn,
with inspiration from Mike Scharding


No insult is intended, we're just a little wild. We'll report how it works.The Sunday before the Monday service will be spent under the Washington Monument's shadow from dawn to dusk, followed by a party on Sunday night.



O Lord, forgive these errors that our due to our human limitations:
Thou art everywhere, but we worship thee here.
Thou art without set form, but we worship thee in these forms.
Thou art beyond name, but we call thee by these names.
Thine presence is ever with you, but we worship thee now.
Thou hast no need of prayers and sacrifices, but we offer thee these prayers and sacrifices.
O Lord, forgive us these three errors that are due to our human limitations.
O Mother, cleanse our minds and hearts and prepare us for mediations.
O Washington and Jefferson, overlook this use of public land for private worship.


Circle the Washington Monument beyond the Jersey Barriers, stopping at the cardinal points, at which each do a spin. Afterwards form a circle, with Archdruid, Preceptor, and Server inside. All members scuff a sigil below them with their feet.



I am a Washington in revolution.
I am a Franklin in wit.
I am a Jefferson in wisdom.
I am a Monroe towards neighbors.
I am a Lincoln in debate.
I am a Bull Moose in the wilderness.
I am a Taft at dinner.
I am a Wilson in study.
I am a Roosevelt in hard times.
I am an Eisenhower in battle.
I am a Kennedy in charisma.
I am a Carter on the farm.
I am a Clinton in virility.
I am a Bush in having smart friends.
I am a Gore to the environment.

Who is it who leads the people?
Who comforts us in our crises?
Who takes the credit for success and failure?

If not I?




Dalon's Daily Ditty
With appropriate side step rock-shuffle and clapping.


I've been intrigued by Gospel music lately, despite never hearing any. This is my new take on liturgical gospel. As you know, I'm obsessive about Carleton, and I know every bend of the trail and every forested corner of its 800 acres. Like for the Navajo and Tibetans, it is a deeply sacred landscape, filled with memories, legends, gods, and lessons.

A map of Carleton is available at http://www.acad.carleton.edu/campus/arb/


Music for Dalon's Ditty" after 9/23

Feel free to adjust the lyrics or make your own. -Mike


I am nothing special just a simple Druid,
Seeking my awareness though the Earth Mother,
And life's lessons.

But, I'm filled with doubts, and deep confusion
What can I do to release these chains?
Make a journey!

Take me on up,, Lord (i.e. Dalon), take me on down.
Take me on over to the ho-oly gro-oves
Of Carleton!

The road is hard, black, long and winding
With Bright-eyed Dragons spitting fire and smoke.
O Lord guide me.

I'm goin' down to the Cannon River,
Gonna wash away all my ignorance
And dogma's blight.

Through lonesome prairie and swamps of passion
In the uncertain floodplain I learn a lesson
The Lower Arb

Matriculate past the dean of admission,
To enter the ranks of those holy students
And faculty.

It's the Land of Youth on an ancient mission
Lifting the torch of inquiry both wide and far
Through long study.


The price of learning is a high tuition
One that must be paid back for many years;
To my pupils.

Drink at the twin lakes of knowledge and wisdom
Filled by the creek of experience
That's Lyman Lakes.


Proceed on to the tower of inspiration
Whose fair white walls call out to me
That's Goodhue Hall.

On seldom trod paths of contemplation
with barbed sarcasm and rocks of Irony
The Upper Arb

I'll climb up that steep, green, holy mountain
Where so many before have found Awareness
Hill of Three Oaks

There I'll pray and vigil in jubilation
Between my green mother Earth and starry Pa
And go on home.

The world will've changed with those revelations
The simple will be hard and the hard simple.
Can I teach this?

But questions will arise despite my education
So, what can I do to solve them all?
Make a new trip!



Priest: Our praise has mounted up to Thee on the wings of eagles, our clap have echoed off the trees and our dancing feet have pounded the earth. Hear now, we pray Thee, O our Mother, as we offer up this sacrifice of life. (All drop their sacrifice on the altar.) Accept it we pray Thee, and cleanse our minds and hearts, granting us Thy peace an life.

Preceptor: Hast Thou accepted our sacrifice, O our Mother?
I call upon the spirit of the East (i.e. Congress and the Supreme Court)
to give answer. (Congregation notes omens),
of the West (Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt Memorial),
of the North (White House),
and of the South (Jefferson and FDR Memorials).

Fellow Druids, who says the omens are favorable?
(Hands raise,majority rules.)



THE REPLY (if favorable)

Preceptor: All is well.
Priest: Praise be, our sacrifice, dedicated to the fertility and renewal of life, and to the cleansing of our minds and hearts, has been accepted.
(Go to Catechism.)



THE REPLY (if unfavorable)

Preceptor: All is not well.
Priest: All is not for naught.
Approval is not to be expected.
We continue to celebrate this joyous occasion, but without the fire in the water.
It is now appropriate to pause and reflect on this season.
(Skip to meditation.)



Priest (in evocatory enthusiasm): Of what does the Earth-mother give that wemay know the continual flow and renewal of life?!
Preceptor (in plain-song, followed by crowd): The Waters-of-Life!
Priest: From Whence do these waters flow?!
Preceptor & All: From the Bosom of the Earth-Mother, the Ever-changing All-mother.
Priest: And HOW! Do we honor this gift that causes life in us?!
Preceptor & All: By partaking of the Waters of Life!
Priest: Has the Earth-Mother given FORTH of Her bounty?!
Preceptor & All: O She ha--as!
Priest: Then give me the waters!
(Preceptor with the whiskey and Server with the water, pour equal portions simultaneously into the chalice of the Priest.)


O Dalon Ap Landu, hallow these waters by Thy sevenfold-powers and by the three ways of days and one of night.
O Presidents, please also bless these waters by your 43 ways.
Cleanse our minds and hearts and join us together as we take and drink of your secret essences.



To thee we return this portion of Thy bounty, O our Mother, even as we mustreturn to Thee. O Presidents, including those who disapproved of alcohol,please accept this blessing of drink.


Here is the historical anecdote:

"When George was about 6 years old, he was made the wealthy owner of a hatchet of which, like most little boys, he was immoderately fond; and was constantly going about chopping every thing which came in his way. One day,in the garden, where he often amused himself by hacking his mother's pea-sticks, he unluckily tried the edge of his hatchet on the body of a beautiful young English cherry tree, which he de-barked so terribly, that I don't believe the tree ever got the better of it. The next morning, the old gentleman, finding out what had befallen his tree, which, by the by, was a great favorite, came into the house; and with much warmth asked for the mischievous author, declaring at the same time, that be would not have taken 5 guineas for his tree. Nobody would tell him anything about it. Presently George and his hatchet made their appearance. 'George,' said his father, 'do you know who killed that beautiful little cherry tree yonder in the garden?'"

"This was a tough question; and George staggered under it for a moment; but quickly recovered himself; and looking at his father, with the sweet face of youth brightened with the inexpressible charm of all-conquering truth, he bravely cried out, 'I can't tell a lie, Pa; you know I can't tell a lie. Idid cut it with my hatchet.'--Run to my arms, you dearest boy, cried his father in transports, run to my arms; glad am I, George, that you killed my tree, for you have paid me for it a thousand fold. Such an act of heroism in my son is worth more than a thousand trees, though blossomed with silver and their fruits of purest gold."

Many years ago, at the signing of the Constitution, Benjamin Franklin noticed the engraved sun on the Chairman's chair. By looking at it, one could not be sure whether it was a rising or setting sun, but he believed it was a rising sun, by the patriotism and courage of those around us. We are in another time of balance both in the cycle of the sun and in the hearts of American. We Druids seek young Washington's courage to harmonize with these cycles; perhaps accentuating the good and reducing the baneful. I wish you luck this autumn.


Go forth into the world, secure in the knowledge that our sacrifice has found acceptance in the Earth-Mother's sight, that She has answered ourprayers, and that we go forth with Her blessing and that of our presidents.



Yankee Doodle Druid
by Sine Ceolbhinn, no copyright.

I'm a Yankee Doodle Druid,
Here in Washington D.C.
A real strange Druid with a loud bagpipe
Playing tricks and full of whiskey.
I love my dear sweet earth-mother,
She's my Yankee doodle joy.
Yankee doodle went to Wiltshire
Just to view that Stonehenge!
I am a Yankee doodle boy

I laugh at all those silly Druids,
Tied up in red-tape, they don't need.
Give me a one page constitution, PLEASE!
So I don't go blind, trying to read.
I love our simple, clever humor,
I'll follow it till the day I die.
Yankee doodle went to Wiltshire
Just to view that Stonehenge!
I am a Yankee doodle guy.





Notable Activities & Events





"Nuts to Carleton" Project

As if there aren't too many already there, I (Mike) thought it would be an interesting idea to donate acorns from all the groves to Carleton to be surreptiously planted in the Arboretum's large grassy field, this Autumn near the Rocks of Irony. I'm borrowing this idea from Isaac's old RDNA Chronicler in the 70s. Basic plan?

  1. Well, just mail 2 or 3 clean blessed acorns to Carleton.
  2. Someone plants them.
  3. Then we wait a few years.
  4. Visit Carleton, and try to divine which one is your tree. : )

Your cost is about 68 cents and an envelope.


Carleton Grove
Reformed Druids of North America
C/O Ehren Vaughn or Merri Weber,
Carleton College,
Northfield, Minnesota, 55057 USA.


For more on tree planting:
http://www.druidry.org/obod/touchstone/plantasacredgrove.html .




The Celtic Learning Project


The Celtic Learning Project exists to bring the civilization of the ancient Celts to a broad audience. It seeks to do so through interactive instruction and accurate re-creation of events, communities, and architecture associated with the European Iron Age Celts. In order to achieve these goals the Celtic Learning Project will:

  1. Educate children and adults through Celtic storytelling.
  2. Create and distribute educational materials.
  3. Produce a newsletter containing information on related topics and the progress of the Celtic Learning Project toward long term goals.
  4. Provide educational programs to community organizations, schools and other interested parties.
  5. Re-create an Iron Age Celtic settlement staffed with interpretive guides.
  6. Establish an educational center at the settlement for research, classes,and special events.

For further information contact:

Cyril May, President
128 Nicoll Street
New Haven, CT 06511
(203) 624-2798
cyril.may@yale.edu .



Celebrate the Celtic Wheel of Life

with Mara Freeman


The Feast of Samhain, Saturday, November 3, 10am-5.30pm
at "Expressions ofAmity," Ben Lomond, North of Santa Cruz,CA

Samhain is the original Halloween, a time-between-times when the veil between the worlds thins to reveal the mysteries of the Otherworld. This workshop is an invitation to deepen into sacred time and space, to reflect and to seek wisdom for the year to come. Through storytelling, ritual and inner journeying, we will explore the realm of the Ancestors and the Gods and Goddesses of the Underworld. Also a celebration of the Celtic New Year,this is an extraordinary opportunity in our contemporary world to consciously release old negative patterns in preparation for a new cycle of creation in our lives. At the close of the day, we will return to the world with gifts for the soul and the power to call upon these ancient teachings to fire the glow of spirit and beauty in the winter ahead.

Cost: $89.00 per person (some sliding-scale places available). Major credit cards are accepted. For further information and to register, call 1-800-6941957, or email: events@celticspirit.org .

Space is limited- Please pre-register!







Green Egg on Hiatus!

The Ides of August, 2001



Recently, the Church of All Worlds Board of Directors suspended publication of Green Egg, its renowned international magazine, and dismissed its current Publisher and Editor because of chronic financial problems and an enormous debt. In spite of the heroic efforts of the Green Egg staff and many friends and supporters, frequent fund-raising efforts, and huge patience on the part of the CAW Board of Directors, these problems continued to worsen. Increasing difficulty paying creditors is among the serious problems the magazine's staff and the CAW BoD had to face. Oberon, as the magazine's founder, is being frequently asked about the crisis. Unfortunately, he has had little access to information about the current situation, nor any ability to influence it.

Although it is not common knowledge, Oberon's official involvement with Green Egg ended five years ago; the current difficulties arose long after he was removed as Publisher. Because all concerned felt that airing the details of his removal as Publisher would adversely affect the magazine, Oberon was asked not to discuss the matter publicly. Since then Oberon continued to support the magazine by allowing his name to remain on the masthead as "Publisher Emeritus," and by writing his columns and articles.

People all over the world associate Oberon Zell with Green Egg, one of the most highly-praised and universally-respected Pagan publications of all time. Dozens of books credit Green Egg as a primary catalyst in the early coalescence of the Neo-Pagan community, and name Oberon as its creator and primary influence. After founding Green Egg in 1968, Oberon published 116issues over 28 years. For much of that time he volunteered his time and energy, building it from a single dittoed sheet to an award-winning 70+ page newsstand magazine with no outside funding. Green Egg eventually supported a part-time staff and a well-equipped office.

Oberon's guiding influence over Green Egg ended abruptly in September of1996 when he was involuntarily removed from all decision-making power by the Church of All Worlds Board of Directors, most of whom were at that time also members of the Green Egg staff (the Minutes of that BoD meeting have never been released). Oberon's position of Publisher was assumed by the newly-elected President of the Board, and Oberon was handed the "honorary" title of "Publisher Emeritus," with no authority over any aspect of the magazine. The CAW President/GE Publisher and most of that staff later resigned from the magazine in favor of the current Publisher, recently dismissed. The Editor remained throughout the transitional period until she too was recently dismissed.

Our hope would be that out of the current ashes of the Green Egg, a new Green Egg may be born that rests on a kinder and more responsible foundation. We hope that such a new Green Egg will honor its Founder. If it cannot do so, perhaps it should find another name; for Oberon's name and Green Egg's are forever linked in the minds of Pagans throughout the world. Oberon is satisfied with much of the quality and content of the magazine since he was ousted from the role of Publisher. Yet it is acutely painful to him that the magazine he founded has now become a source of financial embarrassment and conflict in the Pagan community. He remains deeply wounded and grieved by the manner of his removal, and estranged from the people who effected it.

We sincerely hope that the Church that took over the magazine from its Founder will be financially responsible to its vendors, investors and subscribers. And finally, we hope that people can pull together in this time of painful reappraisal and learn from all the mistakes that have been made.

Morning Glory Zell-Ravenheart
Liza Gabriel -Ravenheart
Wynter Rose Stiles-Ravenheart
Wolf Stiles - Ravenheart




Fall Equinox will occur on September 22 at 4:05 p.m., PDT. Equinox services will be held Saturday at Solar Noon. Please call for car pool arrangements(510) 654-6896. Equinox social observance will be held on September 23 at the AD's house. Regular Druid services will be held at Solar Noon on September 30, October 14, and 28. Please call the above number to confirm.



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      The Missal-Any
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